Complete Package

Sell bus passes and tickets 24/7 that are delivered instantly. For efficient operators that work smarter not harder.

Complete Package

Sell bus passes and tickets 24/7 that are delivered instantly. For efficient operators that work smarter not harder.

How it works

Our Complete Package can help you sell, issue, scan and manage tickets for home-to-school travel. Packed with simple features that make a huge difference to your admin time and bottom line. Need live vehicle tracking, real-time passenger data and boarding notifications? Check out our new LIVE add-on. The Complete Package is backed by a 100-day money back guarantee.

1. Sell your tickets-

Use the Passenger Portal to sell tickets 24/7

  • List tickets for sale. Manage capacity to avoid overallocation issues
  • Offer multiple payment methods including card and monthly direct debit
  • Boost sales by selling discounted tickets privately (e.g. AM/PM only)
  • Give extra flexibility with single, return, week, 4-week and flexi tickets
  • Promote your ticket listing through your website, email and social media
  • Parents buy tickets any time of day - when it's convenient for them
2. Issue your tickets+

Tickets that distribute themselves

  • Tickets are automatically issued by the platform after purchase
  • Parents instantly print off or forward their ticket to passenger's mobile device
  • 24/7-access to tickets means no more lost or "forgotten" passes
  • Scanner technology ensures tickets cannot be shared
3. Scan your tickets+

Check passes quickly and accurately with the Scanner

  • Tablet device is mounted using a flexible stand but not hardwired
  • Passengers self-scan their mobile or printed ticket
  • Alerts driver to duplicate tickets, expired tickets, voided tickets and more
  • Driver only needs to intervene when a ticket is flagged
  • Scan logs keep a record of who boarded and when for your operations team
4. Manage+

Manage everything from the Operations Portal

  • Scan summary alerts you to problems across your fleet at a glance
  • Examine detailed scan logs for a service or an individual passenger
  • View detailed passenger data including parent contact info
  • Move passengers between services to maximise capacity
  • Renewal system simplifies and speeds up handling the bulk of your sales
  • Create new services or release more tickets as demand dictates
  • Send SMS service alerts to ticket holders
  • Void tickets instantly without the hassle of trying to collect passes back
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HardwareFrom £50
Platform2.5% per transaction + payment processor fee

Discounts available on high value purchases

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Q: How long does it take to get set up?+

Setup time can take as little as one day for being able to sell tickets online.

Ordering and setting up your devices for ticket scanning is typically turned around within one week.

Q: What about passengers that don't have a smartphone?+

We understand that not every child has a smartphone. ShuttleID is designed to work as both a printed ticket and mobile ticket.

This means that passengers without a smartphone can print out their own paper pass instead.

Ticket scanning ensures that passes can't be shared. The barcode on the paper ticket can withstand up to 30% damage.

If a paper ticket is severely damaged or lost, passengers, parents or schools can just print out another one, without having to bother you or incurring a frustrating pass-replacement fee.

Q: How does it work with bursaries?+

The Complete Package has a number of ways to handle bursaries. Voucher codes are typically the best way to process discount.

Voucher codes can be created within the Operations Portal. You can issue a voucher code to parents for use at the checkout and the discount will be applied.

This is just one of many ways to handle bursaries. Speak to one of our specialists who will be able to help you determine the best way of handling your use case.

Q: Can it handle splitting the cost between parents?+

Our Voucher Portal allows third parties to purchase voucher codes where the monetary value goes direct to you.

The purchaser of the voucher code (e.g., dad) can then share this with the user buying the ticket (e.g., mum), effectively splitting the cost of the ticket between multiple parties.

Q: Does it support entitled travellers?+

We have a number of ways to support entitled travellers (funded by your local authority) within the system.

Contact us directly to find out more.

Q: How long does it take for payments to be received?+

For tickets purchased via direct debit, scheduled monthly payments normally take two working days from the customer being charged, to you receiving the money in your bank account.

For card payments, customers are charged immediately, and the payout is received by you seven calendar days afterwards. After a short period of time, faster payouts can be enabled, which means monies will be received by you only three days afterwards.

Because the payment process is direct between the customer and your payment provider account, you receive your money faster, and the risk and inconvenience of a third party holding onto your funds is removed.

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