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The easy way to manage home to school transport

A cost-effective cashless ticketing system that runs itself


Protect revenue

Eliminate ticket fraud with technology that's cost effective and easy to use by drivers. All without impacting boarding time.

Save time

Stop chasing payments, handling lost passes, cropping photos and other needless tasks. ShuttleID requires minimal input from operators.

Faster payments

Fast payouts reliably on time, every time. Fares direct between you and the customer via card or direct debit.

Manage it all in a single system

One place to sell tickets, view scan logs, void tickets, move passengers between services, send SMS alerts and more. No more spreadsheets.

ShuttleID Scanner

How it works

A single system that connects all the data


Selling your tickets

Use the Passenger Portal to sell your tickets 24/7

  • List tickets for sale including capacity avoiding overallocation issues
  • Offer multiple payment methods including card and direct debit
  • Boost sales by privately selling discounted tickets (e.g. AM/PM only)
  • Promote your ticket listing through your website, social media and school
  • Parents buy tickets any time of day - when it's convenient for them

Issuing your tickets

Tickets that distribute themselves

  • Ticket is automatically issued by the platform after purchase
  • Parents instantly print off or forward their ticket to passenger mobile device
  • 24/7 access to ticket means no more lost pass requests/charges
  • Scanner technology ensures tickets cannot be shared

Scanning your tickets

Check passes quickly and accurately with the Scanner

  • Tablet device is mounted using a flexible stand but not hard wired
  • Passengers self scan their mobile or printed ticket
  • Alerts driver to duplicate tickets, expired tickets, voided tickets and more
  • Driver only needs to intervene when a ticket is flagged
  • Scan logs keep a record of who boarded and when for your operations team

Managing your services

Manage everything from the Operations Portal

  • Scan summary to instantly find problems across your whole fleet at a glance
  • Detailed scan logs for a service or individual passenger
  • View detailed passenger data including parent contact info
  • Move passengers between services to maximise capacity
  • Renewal system simplifies and speeds up handling bulk of your sales
  • Create new services or release more tickets as demand dictates
  • Send SMS service alerts to ticket holders
  • Void tickets instantly without the hassle of trying to collect passes back
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Driver using ShuttleID

How Tetley's Coaches stopped £10,000 of ticket fraud and saved 240 hours of admin

Find out how an established Yorkshire based coach company used ShuttleID to transform their home to school services, saving weeks of admin and putting a complete stop to ticket fraud.

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Simple package NEW

For any operator happy with their existing data capture and payments process but likes the idea of self service bus passes and scanning.

Complete package

For the modern operator that believes in automating everything. Payments, self service tickets, scanning and more in a single system.

Package comparison

 FeatureNEWSimple Complete
Ticket production
Ticket distribution
Ticket voidance
Ticket scanning
Scan logs & reporting
Free SMS alerts-
Automated data entry-
Automated payments-
Automated renewals-
Direct debit support-
Credit card support-
Single system-
Fee modelMonthlyPer transaction

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Imagine what you could achieve with everything automated

Unshackle your team from dealing with:

  • Ticket fraud.
  • Manual ticket inspection.
  • Physical bus pass distribution.
  • Mass data entry.
  • Manual invoicing and receipts.
  • Spreadsheets. Spreadsheets everywhere.
  • Phone calls with frustrated parents.
  • Lost passes.
  • Chasing parents for payment.
  • Difficulty in obtaining data from schools.
  • Manual photo cropping.
  • Poor quality photo submissions.
  • Unauthorised service swappers.
  • Technical support requests.
  • Printing passes.
  • Maintaining printer equipment.
  • Purchasing print supplies.
  • Avoidance of service oversubscription.
  • Resourcing issues to cope with admin.
  • Ticket renewals.
  • Complex refund processes.
  • Compliance worries (GDPR/SCA).
  • Complexity of ticket discounts.
  • Excuses for a lack of bus pass.

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