Staff shuttle service

Manage your staff shuttle service with ShuttleID

Staff shuttle service

Manage your staff shuttle service with ShuttleID

A staff shuttle bus is a fantastic tool to help improve employee retention, widen your recruitment catchment area and reduce your carbon footprint.

Trusted local transport operators will be able get your staff shuttle service operational but all too often you'll find that contracting a bus and driver isn't enough:

  • How will you ensure you're not throwing money away on under-utilised vehicles?
  • How can you keep staff informed of delays or cancellations?
  • How can you ensure only valid passengers are boarding?
  • How can you share the bus location with staff?
  • How will staff book journeys?
  • How can staff pay for travel?

ShuttleID is the affordable, digital bus pass and ticketing system that keeps you in control. Our technology is at the heart of over 7 million passenger journeys each year. Here's how our technology can make your staff shuttle a success:

Passenger on staff shuttle service

Save time and money

Ensure efficiency with a system that will help reduce your overall transport bill and save daily admin on your staff shuttle service.

Whether you need online payment, bookings, real-time data or just a simple way to monitor passenger activity, we have an option that fits your staff shuttle service like a glove.

No special hardware is required and your staff shuttle service can be up and running in as little as a few days.

Passenger scanning ticket


ShuttleID is a lightweight tool that delivers tons of value. Instead of driving a wedge between you and the operator, ShuttleID strengthens your relationship and gives you the transparency you crave.

This model allows you to retain a direct relationship and rate with your transport operator, which is one reason why it's so popular. It's also the most driver-friendly technology available and proven to work with any driver regardless of technical ability.

Use your existing local transport operators or one from our approved network for no extra fee.

Staff shuttle bus tracking system

Keep staff informed

Our driver app automatically publishes the staff shuttle location data using low-cost, consumer grade tablet and smartphone devices.

Travellers can see the exact location of their staff bus in real-time, accessed directly from the mobile ticket on their phone.

SMS service alerts, available on our Simple and Complete packages, help inform staff ahead of time. Live vehicle tracking complements this with real-time updates, helping further reduce phone calls to you or the operator.

Staff shuttle bus app

Operations Portal

Manage and monitor everything from the Ops Portal.

Update capacity and change routes as you go based on real-time insights. Issue new passes at the last minute. Keep staff updated with critical messages.

All the power to manage your own staff shuttle service at your fingertips.

We'll offer you all the help needed to get your system up and running. Technical support is included as standard for both you and your passengers.

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