Bus Open Data App

FREE vehicle location (AVL) data for BODS

Bus Open Data App

FREE vehicle location (AVL) data for BODS


Huge saving per vehicle in year one compared to a leading ticket machine
Location data compliance with PSV (Open Data) Regulations
Supports subcontracted services
Supports vehicle replacements
Only requires a phone or tablet device

How it works

Find out how our Bus Open Data Package can help you achieve compliance with the Bus Open Data Service.

1. Track your vehicle-

Driver app that tracks your journey

  • Install our driver app on your phone or tablet device
  • Start your journey in the app
  • Tracking finishes when you end the journey in app
  • The platform takes care of everything else
2. Integrate your data+

Simple and cost-effective compliance

  • Platform aggregates timetable data with tracking data
  • Data is transformed into a BODS-compliant format (SIRI-VM)
  • Data is sent to BODS instantly
  • FREE with our Simple LIVE or Complete LIVE ticketing packages.
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SetupMonthly fee
PlatformFREE *FREE *

All prices exclude VAT.

* Free with either Simple LIVE or Complete LIVE ticketing packages.

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Q: Can this app be used standalone, without ticketing?+

Currently this integration is only available with our ticketing packages, bundled in free.

If you just need a solution for BODS and nothing else, we would recommend checking out our original tracker based integration, available from only £12.50/month.

Q: Can you help submit our timetables and fares data too?+

This package solves the most complicated part of Bus Open Data - vehicle location data (AVL).

The Bus Open Data Service offers free tools to submit your own fare and timetable data.

If you are struggling with submission of other data, we can help put you in touch with consultants who are able to prepare and submit this data on your behalf.

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